Woodstock Historical Society
Mission Statement

The purpose of this Society shall be to acquire and preserve historical knowledge and materials of Woodstock, Connecticut.
It shall promote this history by every feasible means to as wide an audience as possible.

Upcoming Events: Vintage Baseball Game
Woodstock Hilltoppers will play their first official exhibition baseball game at Roseland Cottage

Woodstock, Connecticut is a beautiful setting for a bit of history and sport on a summer day! 

A game of vintage base ball is similar to an historical reenactment, but celebrating leisure time. It's a sporting event where players give it their all, make an out on a bounce, catch a ball bare handed, and tip their hats to a lady.

Woodstock Vintage Base Ball celebrates our national pastime before it was such -- before giant salaries, mascots, lights, even gloves!

Sunday, July 19th at 11am -  523 Route 169 Woodstock

The Original Woodstock

The Town of Woodstock was originally settled in 1686 as New Roxbury by thirteen men (the Goers) from Roxbury, Massachusetts and became the first town in present day Windham County. Thirty families followed the Connecticut path west from Boston and settled in Wabbaquasset. The first homesteads were set up on Plaine Hill and the Westward Hill. Located on the conjunction of three Indian trails, the area was frequented by traders and was situated on the "great road from Hartford to Boston, and on the road from Providence to Albany." Woodstock has thrived since the early days and has played its part in history.  The Commons served as assembly sites for troops during the American Revolution, The War of 1812, and the Civil War. Roseland Cottage hosted Presidential visits in the nineteenth century. Please visit the Woodstock Historical Society Welcome Center next time you are in town and learn more about the fascinating history of our early New England town.

Opening Hours

Most Sundays, 12:00 - 4:00 p.m.
By Appointment, Call: 860-928-1035
email: woodstockhist@att.net

Ice cutting 1930's

The Woodstock Historical Society is headquartered in Palmer Memorial Hall,
at 523 Route 169, in the historic hill district of Woodstock,

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